Planning in Water’s Way

Flood Resilience Strategies for the I-86 Innovation Corridor

The I-86 Innovation Corridor has significant economic development potential and a history of economic prosperity. However, that history has also been marred by repeated flooding—from the river, from tributary streams, and from localized drainage. Because floods can cause significant economic disruptions for the communities affected, the future economic vitality of Southern Tier communities requires an ability to withstand and recover from any future flood events. 

Flooding and other emergencies can take their toll on business, industries, and communities. But something can be done. Injuries and damages can be reduced by recognizing the hazards and taking steps to promote safety and reduce the vulnerabilities. Businesses can return more quickly to normal operations if they plan.


The "Planning in Water's Way" project supports the economic well-being of the I-86 Innovation Corridor by presenting information about flood vulnerabilities and promoting strategies that will improve the corridor's overall economic success--and might even help attract new investment and new business. 

Planning in Water's Way Land Use Guide - Project report presents information about the corridor's flood risks and presents strategies for improving the flood resilience of both existing and future development. 

Planning in Water's Way Economic Analysis - Supporting technical report presents an analysis of existing flood vulnerabilities, potential economic impacts, and financial benefits of mitigation alternatives.

Online Mapper - Mapping tool provides access to multiple sources of information about potential flood risks.


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