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Town of Campbell Economic Development StrategyOpen File / 10.29 mb
Date: 2/17/2010
Description: A PDF document outlining the preferred future of economic development in Campbell. 
Addendum to Campbell Economic Dev. Strategy 2009Open File / 37.05 kB
Description: This Addendum summarizes the economic development planning process in the Town of Campbell and expands upon background data.
Town of Hornby Comprehensive PlanOpen File / 342.95 kB
Date: 4/8/2002
Description: The purpose for the Town of Hornby Comprehensive Plan is to provide policy and recommendations for both town officials and property owners to ensure that: development occurs in a planned and orderly manner in keeping with the predominant desires of the current residents of the Town of Hornby; current features of the town, e.g., rural character, scenic views, wetlands, streams, open space, etc. are preserved; and individual property owners are encouraged to enjoy their property as they see fit within the guidelines set forth in this plan.
Town of Lindley Comprehensive PlanOpen File / 620.83 kB
Date: 6/1/2014


Town of Lindley Comprehensive Plan AppendicesOpen File / 4.99 mb
Date: 5/1/2002
Description: Information resources which contribute to the Town of Lindley Comprehensive Plan
Town of Lindley Comprehensive Plan- Natural FeaturesOpen File / 523.38 kB
Description: A map of slope, wetlands, floodzones, and waterbodies. 
Town of Lindley Comprehensive Plan- Vacant ParcelsOpen File / 252.08 kB
Date: 2/27/2002

A map of parcels smaller than 2 acres, throughout the town of Lindley, as of February 2002. 

Town of Lindley Comprehensive Plan- Agricultural Lands & Open SpacesOpen File / 221.14 kB

A map of agricultural uses, open space, forested lands, and recreational area based on property class codes. 

Town of Lindley Comprehensive Plan- Arial MapOpen File / 411.46 kB

Arial Photography for the Town of Lindley, based on 1995-1996 air photos. 

Town of Lindley Comprehensive Plan- Road MapOpen File / 296.19 kB
Description: A map of all roads in the Town of Lindley.
Village of Addison- Adopted Comprehensive Plan 2009Open File / 15.00 mb
Date: 12/14/2009

This document is very large (15 mb), it may take several minutes to download.  Please be patient. 

The Village of Addison, like so many small villages in upstate New York, is a place in need of positive change. Once a hub of commerce in the mid -1800’s, the Village has experienced substantial population swings since the Industrial Revolution.

This Comprehensive Plan strives to detail the reasons for the Village’s current situation, to project realistic trends, to analyze plausible options and recommend strategies that will stabilize the Village’s economy and help the Village find its niche in the larger Corning – Elmira – Hornell region. The goal of this Comprehensive Plan is to help the Village identify and promote new businesses likely to succeed, help prospering companies continue to thrive and improve the quality of life for Village residents.

The Plan document also has the full Environmental Assessment Form, Negative Declaration and Village Board resolution adopting the plan attached at the end.



Village of Painted Post Master Plan 1999Open File / 4.71 mb
Wind - Town of Hornby Wind Energy Conversion Systems 2006Open File / 101.03 kB
I-86/I-99 Corridor Economic Development BlueprintOpen File / 40.51 mb
Date: 6/18/2009
Author: Three Rivers Development Corporation,
Description: This is a MASSIVE file, please allocate 15-20 min. to download the blueprint. 
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