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Draft - Proposed Zoning Law, Riverside NYOpen File / 1.03 mb
Author: STC,
Description: An initial draft of a revised Zoning Law for the Village of Riverside. This law was modified to reflect NYS law, current best practices, public comments during the Comprehensive Plan Process and the goals outlined in the recently adopted comprehensive plan "Riverside Plan 2038".
Plan Riverside 2038 (comprehensive plan adopted by the Village of Riverside)Open File / 8.39 mb
Author: STC,
Description: The NYSERDA funded comprehensive plan adopted by the Village of Riverside on 11/13/18, following a years-long public process.
Eco-Friendly Design Guidelines: Painted Post and Riverside, New YorkOpen File / 9.96 mb
Description: STC worked with Pratt Institute's Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment to develop design guidelines for the Villages of Painted Post and Riverside. The effort was funded as part of the NYSERDA Cooperative Comprehensive Plan project.
Eco Design GuideOpen File / 9.96 mb
Author: PRATT,
Description: Eco Design Guidelines from PRATT Institute, describing and illustrating the most appropriate eco-practices for Riverside.
Village of Riverside Zoning Map 1980Open File / 430.23 kB
Village of Riverside Zoning Law 1983Open File / 189.46 kB


I-86/I-99 Corridor Economic Development BlueprintOpen File / 40.51 mb
Date: 6/18/2009
Author: Three Rivers Development Corporation,
Description: This is a MASSIVE file, please allocate 15-20 min. to download the blueprint. 
BOA Nomination Application Complete and Final VersionOpen File / 31.71 mb
Date: 7/30/2009

This document is approximately 32 MB.  The file will take a very long time to load, please be patient.  Saving the Nomination Application to your desktop, may be the most efficient method of accessing this file.  

This is the Final version of the Nomination Application that was submitted to the New York State Department of State, for their action. 

BOA Part 1Open File / 3.50 mb
Date: 7/31/2009

Page 1-22

BOA Part 2Open File / 4.43 mb
Description: Pages 23- 35
BOA Part 3Open File / 3.50 mb
Date: 7/31/2009
Description: page 36- 44
BOA Part 4Open File / 5.06 mb

Pages 45-53

BOA Part 5Open File / 8.92 mb
Description: Page 54-72
BOA Part 6Open File / 4.48 mb
Description: Pages 73-119
BOA Part 7Open File / 3.82 mb
Description: Pages 120-153
Riverside Comprehensive Plan Committee Minutes 1/20/2016Open File / 31.87 kB
Date: 3/22/2016

Minutes of the 1/20/2016 Comprehensive Plan Committee Meeting

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