Town of Lindley

The Town of Lindley Planning Board meets on the 3st Monday of each month, in the Lindley Town Hall (637 U.S. Route 15, Lindley NY), at 7:00p.m.  The cut-off for matters to go before the Planning Board is two (2) weeks before the Planning Board Meeting. 

The Lindley Planning Board is authorized to approve subdivisions, site plans and Conditional Use Permits. 

 Please use the Document Library below to find the plans, land use laws, and forms, if available, for the Town of Lindley.


Town of Lindley Zoning Law 2005Open File / 554.79 kB
Date: 12/5/2005
Description: A LAW to promote the health, safety, community character and general welfare of the Town of Lindley; regulating and restricting the height and size of buildings and other structures, the percentage of a lot that may be occupied, the size of yards, and other open spaces, the density of population, and the location and use of buildings, structures and land for industry, residence or other purposes; creating districts for said purposes, and establishing the boundaries, thereof; establishing a Planning Board, Zoning Officer and Zoning Board of Appeals to determine and vary the application of such regulations and restrictions in harmony with their general purposes and intent, and in accordance with general and specific rules herein contained; and providing for the enforcement of such Law. This Law shall be known and may be cited as the "Zoning Law of the Town of Lindley".
Town of Lindley Zoning Map 2005Open File / 2.87 mb
Date: 12/5/2005
Description: Zoning Map of the Town of Lindley, Zone A-R. 
Town of Lindley Subdivision Law 1966Open File / 66.60 kB
Date: 6/20/1966
Description: A local law regulating land subdivision within the Town of Lindley.
Local Law to amdend Local Law #1 of the year 2005 - ZoningOpen File / 177.65 kB
Town of Lindley Comprehensive PlanOpen File / 620.83 kB
Date: 6/1/2014


Town of Lindley Comprehensive Plan AppendicesOpen File / 4.99 mb
Date: 5/1/2002
Description: Information resources which contribute to the Town of Lindley Comprehensive Plan
Town of Lindley Comprehensive Plan- Natural FeaturesOpen File / 523.38 kB
Description: A map of slope, wetlands, floodzones, and waterbodies. 
Town of Lindley Comprehensive Plan- Vacant ParcelsOpen File / 252.08 kB
Date: 2/27/2002

A map of parcels smaller than 2 acres, throughout the town of Lindley, as of February 2002. 

Town of Lindley Comprehensive Plan- Agricultural Lands & Open SpacesOpen File / 221.14 kB

A map of agricultural uses, open space, forested lands, and recreational area based on property class codes. 

Town of Lindley Comprehensive Plan- Arial MapOpen File / 411.46 kB

Arial Photography for the Town of Lindley, based on 1995-1996 air photos. 

Town of Lindley Comprehensive Plan- Road MapOpen File / 296.19 kB
Description: A map of all roads in the Town of Lindley.
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