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190 Years of Natural Gas History

Natural gas has been commercially drilled in New York State since 1821. It has been piped to towns for light, heat, and energy since the 1870s. The first storage facilities were developed in 1916. Hydraulic fracturing was first used in New York to develop low permeability reservoirs in the Medina Group around the 1970s-80s. Six new Trenton-black River fields were discovered in 2005. And soon New York may witness its first Marcellus Shale ‘play.’ Recent advances in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing have allowed deep gas reserves, such as Marcellus shale, to finally be economically feasible to develop. The increased demand for cleaner energy and the nearness this reserve sits to the northeast’s population hubs makes this particular ‘play’ significant.There are certain financial benefits landowners may receive for leasing their land and certain economic gains a community could reap, but there will be challenges and costs that associated to these benefits.


It will be essential for citizens and local officials to separate and understand the short-term and long-term opportunities and benefits and how these are maintained over time. As the gas industry develops both citizens and officials will have to remain aware of the effects drilling activity will have both on the environment and on the social fabric of their communities.

Revisied August 2012! Municipal Guide for Energy Impacted Communities 

STC's comment letter to NYSDEC, 2011 revised draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (rdSGEIS)

Events, Discussions, Conferences

Natural Gas Resource Center UPCOMING EVENTS

Natural Gas Task Forces

Chemung County

Schuyler County

Steuben County

Tioga County

CCE Community Task Forces

Landowner Coalitions 

Southern Tier Landowners Coalitions, Groups, and Associations list

Water Concerns

Water testing labs

Protecting water supply near gas wells drilling in NYS

Typical Solution Used in Hydraulic Fracturing

Schuyler County Water Testing Guidance

DEC Resource Links

DEC website

NY Well Data/ Locator (use Explore to download data)

DEC Notice of Compulsory Integration Hearings (acreage assigned to a well without lease)

Annual Well Production Search

Geologic Formation Search

Permits Issued (Conform)

Permits Issued (Nonconform)

Education Research Links

Cornell Cooperative Extension, Natural Gas Resource Center

Penn State Coorperative Extension, Natural Gas

Marcellus Shale Education and Training Center

Other Resource Links

Baker Hughes Interactive Rig Count

Baker Hughes Rig Count Reports

Current High Volume Horizontal Hydraulic Fractuing Drilling Bans and Moratoria in NYS

Earthworks Marcellus Shale website


Shale Navigator: interactive natural gas mapping

Utica Shale Geology

Marcellus Shale Geology


EnergyinDepth (Marcellus Shale)

USGS National Oil and Gas Assessment by basin 

Toxic Targeting: Marcellus Shale Information

New York State Energy Plan 

Sportsmen Alliance for Marcellus Conservation


Gas Shale Play in US

Trenton Black River Project, Interactive Map

Appalachian Region Oil and Gas Data, Interactive Map of Trenton Natural Gas Drilling

Chemung County Maps

Chemung Marcellus Permitted & Producing Wells in Marcellus Formation, Feb 2011

Schuyler County Maps

Schuyler Marcellus Permitted & Producing Wells in Marcellus Formation, Feb 2011

Map of the Top Ten Companies Operating in Schuyler County (according to NYSDEC permit data August 2011)

Map of the Objective Formations in Schuyler County (according to NYSDEC permit database, August 2011)

Map of Prohibited Areas for High-volume Hydraulic Fracturing Surface Drilling in Schuyler County, August 2011

Well Permit Status in Schuyler County Regulated by NYSDEC, August 2011

Well Permit Types in Schuyler County Regulated by NYSDEC, August 2011

Steuben County Maps

Steuben Marcellus Permitted & Producing Wells in Marcellus Formation, Feb 2011

Deep Wells in South Central New York


Chemung Marcellus Permit Database, Feb 2011

Schuyler Marcellus Permit Database, Feb 2011

Steuben Marcellus Permit Database, Feb 2011


Municipal Planning TOOLS Checklist

DRAFT Garfield County Natural Gas Development Navigation Guide (defintions)

Natural Gas Royalty Estimate

Tour the Virtual Well Site (interactive picture and video)

Community Dispute Resolution Center (CDRC) serving the New York counties' of Chemung, Schuyler, and Tompkins

GIS Related Shape Files

Marcellus Shale Assessment Unit

Fracktrack Datasets

Presentations & Webinars

Gas Pipelines, What municipalities Need to Know, presented 17 May 2012, by STC Planning, Meghan Thoreau

Marcellus Roadshow III: Municipal Planning & Managing Potential Impact from Natural Gas Development, Steuben County, NY May 2012 presented by STC Planning, Meghan Thoreau and Steuben County Planning, Amy Dlugos

SRBC: Water Use and the Shale Gas Industry, Sept 2011  by Jeremy Hoffman, Compliance Specialist-field Operations

Cornell Cooperative Extension Sponsered Natural Gas Webinars

PennState Cooperative Extension Natural Gas Webinars

Gas Well Drilling and Development of Marcellus Shale, June 2008 by Susquenhanna River Basin Commission

Reflections: LIVING & PLANNING in Sublette County, Wyoming by Southern Tier Central, Meghan Thoreau

Wyoming Boomtowns: Local Government Impacts & Natural Gas Drilling by Penn State University, Jeffrey Jacquet

Trenton Black River Plays by Compiled by The Reservoir Characterization Group at The New York State Museum

"Uncoventional" Oil and Gas Plays of New York by The Reservoir Characterization Group at The New York State Museum and NYS Geological Survey

Training for Local Boards and Municipal Officials 2010 by Ray Stolinas, Bradford County, PA Planning Director

Energy Industry: Man-camps and Housing Related Impacts for Municipalities to Consider by Southern Tier Central, Meghan Thoreau

Marcellus Shall Drilling & Agricultural Lands by Cornell Cooperative Extension, George Frantz and Kelly Cronin

Municipal Planning & Regulatory Tools: examples from southern Finger Lakes counties, July 2011 by Southern Tier Central, Meghan Thoreau & Tompkins County, Darby Kiley

Ordinances and Municipal Regulations

Steuben County, NY Road Use & Repair Agreement

Harmar Township, PA - Gas & Oil Ordinance 

Lycoming County, PA - Gas Amendment Ordinance

Town of Afton Road Preservation Law

Tompkins County Draft Road Preservation Law (this is a DRAFT version, law is still under committee review)

Model CEA Overlay Zone

Strategic Documents

Strategistsfor the Effective Mitigation of Heavey Truck Traffic on Local Roads, 2010 White Paper

More Information

Contact Meghan Thoreau, , 607-962-5092, ext. 204



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The draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement (SGEIS) has been released.  Comments were due December 31, 2009.

Southern Tier Central RPDB filed comments on the SGEIS:
"Comments on the draft SGEIS filed by STCRPDB"

The US Geologic Society (USGS) has issued an
overview of Marcellus Shale drilling"Water Resources and Natural Gas Production from Marcellus Shale"

Cornell Cooperative Extension Natural Gas Resource Center
produced a 
landowner coalition presentation called "An Introduction to Landowners Coalitions"

Southern Tier East RPDB issued a 
role of local government white paper entitled: "...the Role of Local Natural Gas..Production"

South Central New York Agricultural Team has published an
alternative energy summary called: "Planning for Landscape-Scale Energy Development Projects in the Southern Tier"

The Schuyler County Energy Development Task Force has issued "Preparing for a Natural Gas Boom in Schuyler County"

Tioga Investigates Natural Gas was formed by the Tioga County Legislature.  Recent documents include: TING Steering Committee Operating Guidelines and Potential Impacts and Opportunities...    

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