Susquehanna-Chemung Action Plan -- Flood Hazards

An Ecosystem-Based Watershed Management Plan
for the
Susquehanna and Chemung Basins of New York

Water connects us all...


Floods happen, so be prepared.

  • Prevent loss of life and significantly reduce future damages from floods by mapping flood hazards, regulating use of high hazard areas, mitigating risks for existing development, restoring beneficial floodplain functions, maintaining flood control structures, and enhancing flood warning systems.


Section 5: Flood Hazards

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Good Resources
Susquehanna Flood Forecast and Warning System
SRBC website includes links to current conditions, warnings, and forecasts, as well as safety information, maps, and other resources.
Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service
The National Weather Service presents river forecasts and observed river levels, as well as flood impacts and other supporting information for each gauge. The US Geological Survey also provides real-time water data, statistics and other gauge information.
Flood Safety Awareness Week
Flood safety information and links from the National Weather Service.
STC Flood Mitigation Webpages
Information about flood safety, floodplain management, floodproofing, flood warning, and other topics.
Delaware County Post-Flood Emergency Stream Intervention Training Manual & Appendices
After a flood event, streams may look unraveled with gravel and debris all over the place. This manual provides guidance on determining those areas that require treatment (as well as those where it's best to leave the stream alone) and what management strategies can address post-flood problems without causing unwanted adjustments upstream or downstream.
Environmental Emergency Services
Regional not-for-profit corporation operates a local Flood Forecast System for Chemung, Schuyler, and Steuben Counties. Real-time data from a network of stream and precipitation gauges and climate stations are reported through the National Weather Service Automated Flood Warning System web interface.
Sidney High School's Flood Monitoring Program
Students installed eight remote rainfall/weather/stream gauge stations for which real-time data are reported online.
StormReady is a community preparedness program of the National Weather Service that encourages commmunities to take a proactive approach to improving local hazardous weather operations. StormReady communities in New York's Susquehanna-Chemung Watershed include: Broome, Chemung, Delaware, Otsego, Schuyler, Steuben, and Tioga Counties; the Cities of Norwich and Oneonta; and the Valley Community that includes Waverly and Barton, NY.
Association of State Floodplain Managers
National Association website provides policy information and resources related to flood risk management.
Nurture Nature Center
This science center is focused on flooding and related issues in Easton, Pennsylvania. The Flood Project and Focus on Floods educational campaign include flood exhibits, educational forums, a radio program, and more.
Community Rating System (CRS) / CRS Resources
The CRS is a program within the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) that enables lower NFIP flood insurance premiums in communities that go above and beyond the minimum floodplain management requirements. This reduces the community's vulnerability to floods while reducing the cost of flood insurance for all policy holders in that jurisdiction.
Delaware County Flood 2006 Slide Show
Information and photos.
Northeast States Emergency Consortium
The Northeast States Emergency Consortium provides GIS services and HAZUS-MH disaster simulation and damage reports free of charge to state, county, and local government within their region. Scroll down the page to find links to online technical manuals, and links to GIS resources.
The official site of the National Flood Insurance Program has information about flood risks and flood insurance.


"Floods are 'acts of God,'
but flood losses are largely acts of man."

- Gilbert F. White


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Additional information, references, and recommended actions may be added to these page as the plan is implemented and updated. If you would like to get involved and share resources or suggestions, please contact a member of the ad hoc Advisory Committee or STC staff, Chelsea Robertson (; 607-962-5092). Learn more about the Suquehanna-Chemung Action Plan by selecting issues from the menu on the left. Other resources include a Project Summary handout, information about Ecosystem-Based Management, and a document library with minutes and other information.


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