STC is a New York State Data Affiliate

The modern Census is a wondrous thing.

As an Affiliate Data Center, a regional office of the State Data Center, STC provides Census data and maps to governments, the public, health and education organizations, and business and industry. Census data is available by: age, gender, and income; median household income; poverty status; race; labor force information; work disability status; housing information; and marital status. This information is available for counties, cities, towns, villages, census tracts, and, in some cases, block groups.

STCRPDB is the New York State Data Center Affiliate for Steuben, Chemung, and Schuyler Counties. STC stays up-to-date on the data release schedule and population trends in the region. STC is a source for recently released Census information and analysis. American Fact Finder has become a well-known resource for census data, but staff at STC can apply years of experience to all of your data analysis questions.

Another important task of STCRPDB is to promote the Census (decennial Census: 1990, 2000, 2010, and the American Community Survey).

The 2010 Census short form is the constitutionally mandated ‘head count’ part of the Census. Every address in the nation should receive a short form questionnaire; please fill it out and return it.

The nature of the American Community Survey (formerly the Census long form) is a comparative analysis. The ACS will allow the public, municipalities, and researchers to compare specific variables in your area (state, county, city, town, village, block) to other places and other times.

Every level of government uses this information, it is vital to estimating how the future will look.

Have you ever wondered about the extent of poverty in the nation?
How suburbanization has altered the average commute?
Which industries employ more of one gender than the other?
What percent of your neighbors received a high school diploma?

The U.S. government is in a unique position to generate valid and accurate results; by processing this data at the national level, accurate comparisons can be made at any/all levels of government.

STC also maintains economic development and labor data, including employment and unemployment statistics and information on businesses and major employers.

Staff at STCRPDB participate in Census outreach; the Census was represented at our annual Regional Leadership Conference;  updates on the Census provide important information for the Human Services Committees and the STC Board; STC staff has posted pro-Census comments on the editorial, "It's not you; it's your data."

STC staff also participated in A Community Conversation: the Census with Crystal Sarakas of WSKG. Guests for this program: Dr. Martha Farnsworth Riche, Director of the Census Bureau from 1994-1998 and a Fellow at the Center for the Study of Economy and Society and Cornell University; Vaughan Neiley, Local Census Office Manager, Elmira Regional Census Office; and Victoria Ehlen, Economic Development Coordinator for Southern Tier Central Regional Planning and Development Board.  (Listen to the hour long broadcast)

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