Telecommunications: Planning for Our Future

STC's first-in-the-region telecommunications training was held on Wednesday, July 24, 2019. Speakers from Rochester Institute of Technology, Harter Secrest & Emery LLP, ECC Technologies and Corning, Incorporated attended for presentation and a roundtable discussion. Local government, county, and state representatives participated in the training and roundtable discussion.


This session covered various communications technologies such as cell towers, small cells, fiber and 5G. The first portion of the training answered the following questions:

  • What do these technologies look like?
  • How do they work with one another? How do they differ?
  • What is 5G? How will this affect the current telecommunications infrastructure?
  • What type of build-out is necessary?
  • Why should communities support 5G deployment?

The second portion of the training focused on local regulations and what municipalities need to know when reviewing applications. The following questions were covered:

  • What can municipalities control?
  • What are the federal regulations relating to telecommunications?
  • What should communities look for when reviewing applications?
  • How can local governments better address colocation, service gaps, and other areas of an application that are often bypassed?

The final segment of the training included a roundtable discussion with all speakers. This gave attendees the opportunity to ask any local or case study questions.


STC is working on a model telecommunications law for communities to adopt and implement at the local level. Possible work on a model application packet may be included in the future.


Introduction to Next-generation (5G) Wireless TechnologyOpen File / 1.11 mb
Description: Presentation by: William P. Johnson, MSEE, JD, Rochester Institute of Technology
Local Governmental Regulation of Small CellsOpen File / 345.72 kB
Description: Presentation by: Leslie M. Connolly, Esq., Harter Secrest & Emery LLP
Telecommunications for Municipalities: Technology Build-outOpen File / 1.85 mb
Description: Presentation by: Andy Lukasiewicz, ECC Technologies
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