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1. To promote legislation at the state and federal levels that will fund the improvements necessary to complete the interstate designation of Route 17 to I86.

2. To coordinate with other organizations in the effort to achieve interstate designation. Work with the Appalachia Thruway Association in Pennsylvania to support interstate designation for Route 15 to I-99.

BOARD APPOINTMENTS: Theodore Bennett;  Thomas Gifford; Thomas Santulli;  G. Thomas Tranter, Jr.

OTHER APPOINTMENTS: Dave Dalrymple; Dave Erwin; Charles Franzese; James Johnson; Kevin Kelley; Brian Kelly; George Miner; Randy Olthof; William Piatt; Jay Schissell; Owen Shevlin; Thomas Stevens

LEGISLATIVE CAUCUS:  Senator Kirsten Gillibrand; US Senator Thomas O'Mara; NYS Member of Assembly Phil Palmesano; Member of Congress Thomas Reed; US Senator Charles Schumer

TOTAL MEMBERSHIP: 20 - 30 Representatives

MEETING DATE: Twice a year, or as needed

MEETING TIME: Noon 2:00 pm

MEETING PLACE: Local Restaurants, rotated among STE, STC and STW


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